The need to solve enterprise paint points, such as high costs and the need for agile services, has influenced the drive for Unified Communication as a Service, or UCaaS. On-premises communication solutions can create unnecessary bottlenecks that can slow down productivity and hamper operational efficiency. However, UCaaS provides several benefits for today’s workplace that works to reduce or eliminate enterprise pain points. Here are five ways UCaaS is modifying the modern workplace for the better.

1. Collaboration

As project management trends lean toward taking advantage of employees’ strengths, collaboration and communication among teams and project leaders will become even more important than before. Deployment of UCaaS can help improve communication via collaborative tools. For example, collaborative tools, such as Slack, Glip, Spark and Skype make getting projects completed faster with seamless IP-based infrastructures and user-friendly interfaces. Many of these systems offer features embedded within its applications, such as instant messaging, video conferencing and project management boards that allow for collaboration and centralized management from one source so that you can manage your team and its activities with ease.

2. Mobility

Studies have indicated that working remotely helps to increase employee job satisfaction and productivity. When you are location independent, your mobility provides you with the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere. Additionally, you can save on real estate costs and other office expenses when your team is mobile. UCaaS works to support the mobile organizational culture. For example, you can have one phone number that you can use to ring your mobile phone, your computer or even the phone at your desk with the deployment of UCaaS, such as Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, services. Additionally, you’re able to use your mobile devices with the power of UCaaS for greater accessibility.

3. Flexibility via Cloud Platforms

When your data and services use premise-based hardware, chances are you can encourage redundancy in tasks that need to get completed. Furthermore, you can increase the risk of losing data if your information is only stored in one location. That means important edited reports that were saved on-site and emailed could have the potential of being edited again if the email was not received in time or sitting in an outbox file. UCaaS makes it easy to avoid redundancy in tasks by keeping your information up-to-date at any given moment. You also have the benefit of not having to manage hardware separately because your information is handled by a third-party provider using cloud technology.

4. Scalability

Fast-growing companies and per-use models have become more competitive than CAPEX models. Therefore, it’s vital to have a network in place that grows with your business. UCaaS simplifies scalability pain points so that you can conduct business conveniently.

5. Agility

Rather than waiting for a task to take place or for an upgrade of on-premises systems to occur, you can save time by using UCaaS deployments. Legacy on-premises solutions can take months to distribute across an enterprise, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. However, UCaaS deployment offers speedier roll-outs and enhancements to offer agile services. Additionally, communication is almost immediate and in real-time with UCaaS with communication tools, such as chat and instant messaging.

Final Thoughts

UCaaS offers an extensive amount of benefits over on-premises solutions, including enhanced collaboration and the ability to work from anywhere thanks to cloud platforms. But before jumping into a major UCaaS purchase, it’s important to understand your business needs so that you can choose the right provider that your company needs. Working with an experienced solution design firm, such as Verge Technology Solutions, can help you understand a company’s needs. Additionally, you want to consider the flexibility of each UCaaS providers’ offerings and the type of UCaaS deployment available, such as a private, public or hybrid deployment. With these tips in mind, you can fully take advantage of the myriad of benefits UCaaS has to offer.